Mistress Zaneta Gavlinne Angiolieri - Projects

This scroll is a combination of two pieces. The "O" was taken from
The Hastings Hours, particularly the Memorial of St. Christopher,
found on page 6. The book, The Hastings Hours, was made in the
southern Netherlands during the last quarter of the 15th Century
by expert craftsmen of the famous school of illumination centred
on the Flemish towns of Ghent and Bruges. It was created around

The border design is based on The Dagulf Psalter, written at the
order of Charlemagne as a present for Hadrian I, the Pope from
772-795). It used a lot of rich colors, such as gold, silver and
purple, to represent imperial devices, as it was Charlemagne's
hope that Hadrian I would name him Emperor.

I used very bright colors for this design because the scroll was
awarded to the Youth Novice A&S Champion.

Calligraphy for this scroll is due to be completed by Lady Elena.