Mistress Zaneta Gavlinne Angiolieri - Projects

At Great Northeastern War XX, Baron Conrad Connor MacAllyn was elevated to the
Order of the Pelican. I designed and embroidered a celtic pelican design which would
then be added to a cloak made by Lady Giana and presented to Conrad during his
elevation ceremony.

I quickly found out that it is almost impossible to find a celtic pelican pattern, so I had
to improvise with various celtic knotwork designs to piece one together. The pelican was
taking from a celtic clipart collection of Mistress Gwenhwyfar dinas Emrys, and was
further embellished with the blue knotwork trail.

The nest was taken from the book 101 Celtic knotwork designs by Courtney
Davis, although only half of the originally round piece was used, and was then modified to
finish the knotwork to create the nest look.