Mistress Zaneta Gavlinne Angiolieri - Projects

This scroll, created for the Baronial Bardic Championship in the Barony of Ruantallan, January 2006, is based on Gaius Julius Caesar, Commentar on the Gallic Wars (De Bello Gallico) and other texts, fol. IV, produced in Florence about 1460-1470.

Because it was a prize scroll rather than an award scroll, I removed the top and bottom elements which would be most suited to an award symbol and personal device in the event of an award scroll.

I used a darker color blue than the original because I really wanted the gold to POP off the page, and since I couldn't duplicate the gold leaf part of this scroll, I chose to use gold paint instead, I thought the darker blue would help in that area.

The calligraphy is an early gothic hand, which first emerged in works dated around the 13th Century (1200 A.D.).