La Villa delle Sorelle
Mistress Zaneta Gavlinne Angiolieri


For the annual Herne the Hunter Rattan Tournament, which takes place in December, fighters are required to be heralded into the list. The following is the short Christmas themed tune written for Sir Gareth Grey de Wilton.

A Northern Shores Regional Knight
To the tune of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer"

Sir Gareth Grey de Wilton
An honest to goodness knight
He's wearin' the sparkly armour
That I stayed up to shine all night.

You'd think that by lookin' at him
His servants they must have it made
Livin' in all that luxury
HEY! Is that why I've not been paid?

Just last week Gareth came out
And said pack up your things
We're headed down to Seashire boys
To see what Herne the Hunter brings.

So all of the other fighters
Grab up your sword and shield
I hope that you've all been practicing
Cause Gareths' heading on the field.

- Lady Zaneta Gavlinne Angiolieri
December 2006

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