La Villa delle Sorelle
Mistress Zaneta Gavlinne Angiolieri


One of the challenges for the 2005 Baronial Bardic Championship was to take 30 minutes and write a poem, song, or story about an event which took place within the last year. Gavlinne accepted the challenge and came up with the following poem:

Ode to Crown Tournament

To the shores of Ruantallan
came the brightest and the best.
They brought their shields and armour
for they came to beat the rest

Crown Tourney was upon us
Ruantallan's first
And for the shiny crown
the fighters had a mighty thirst.

The thunderous clash of armour
Matches lost and matches won
And in the end two knights remained
One Sir Balin the other Sir Thorson

But in the end the victor
who was crowned Prince of the East
Thorson, son of Kelson
was the one they couldn't beat.

Now let us hope that someday
Crown Tourney will come back
but if it does i'm vowing now
I won't be Autocrat!

- Lady Zaneta Gavlinne Angiolieri
January 2005

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