La Villa delle Sorelle
Mistress Zaneta Gavlinne Angiolieri


The second annual Herne the Hunter Herald Championship accompanied this years Herne Tournament, and this year I was commissioned by Lord Gareth Grey de Wilton. Although Gareth was unable to compete at the last minute, due to a surgery, I still performed for him in the Heraldry Championship, and was awarded the honor of Herne Herald Champion for the second year running - much to my surprise.

Will the Crusader Survive
To the tune of "I Will Survive" - by Gloria Gaynor

His first time in a war, he was petrified
They said it was a beach party but now he knows they lied.
So he's in the holy land, and his boots are filled with sand
But he grew strong,
He had to just to get along
When he came back
From over there
He'd learned a few things on the field about using sword and shield
So he's entering the fight
But will it be his night?
I do not know
But it's sure to be a show

Will he survive? Will he survive?
Will it be a one-on-one, maybe a melee of five
Well he's trained so many nights,
I don't know how he could go wrong
Will he survive? Will he survive?

Now some of you may wonder, who's this Gareth guy?
Because there is another name that you might know him by
If he won't come when you call,
Don't be offended by it all.
Just call him Muffin
And he's sure to come a 'runnin.

Will he survive? Will he survive?
Well I woulda place a bet, but he hasn't paid me yet
But I'm good for two to one, now that my song is almost done
Will he survive? Will he survive?
Will he survive???

- Lady Zaneta Gavlinne Angiolieri
December 2004

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