La Villa delle Sorelle
Mistress Zaneta Gavlinne Angiolieri


Gavlinne was born in the year 1390 in Siena, Italy to Vitaliano di Alessandro Angiolieri and his wife Zaneta. Her mother died in childbirth, and Gavlinne was named after her in memory. However, it soon became clear to her father that calling her by her mother's name brought back far too many painful memories of his loss. And so...her second given name - Gavlinne - became the name by which she was known.

Her father was a relatively successful merchant, a maker of fine musical instruments, sought after by many - from traveling minstrels to nobles seeking instruments to keep their daughters hands from idleness.

When Gavlinne was 10 her father left her in the care of friends, as he had done many times before, so that he might carry his wares to distant shores. His trip took him as far as Ireland, where he met many traveling musicians or gypsies. Upon returning to Italy, Vitaliano brought with him a celtic harp, a gift for Gavlinne, as well as an instrument he could duplicate in his shop, and a lady in waiting. For some time he had toiled with concerns of raising a young girl on his own, and so, Vitaliano offered one of the elderly gypsy women in the group the position. The lady, Siobhan as she was known, gratefully accepted, as years of travel and cold caravans had made her aging body tired and weary.

Siobhan became a great friend to Gavlinne, teaching her celtic songs and how to play her new harp gift. In 1408, Gavlinne's father died, his shop and home falling into the ownership of a distant nephew of Vitaliano, who had no interest in the property other than it's value at market. And so, Siobhan and Gavlinne packed up their few belongings and returned to the only other home Siobhan had ever known, the gypsy caravan.

Gavlinne soon discovered however, that she was not really suited to the gritty existence of gypsy life. She longed for the warmth and comfort of a regular bed, the promise of a homemade meal, and the crackle of a stone fireplace.

As luck would have it, the traveling group came upon an Inn. Negotiating with the Innkeeper, they arranged for a hot meal for their group, in exchange for entertainment for the Inn's patrons. The group obliged with dancing, singing, and storytelling throughout the evening, and were rewarded with a feast beyond compare.

Dreading the thought of leaving on the morrow, Gavlinne boldly inquired with the Innkeeper about staying on as a regular worker, singing, playing music, as well as helping with cleaning and cooking. Graciously the Innkeeper, Mistress Gwenhwyfar Dinas Emrys agreed to help, offering her a small room in the inn and regular meals for her service.

Gavlinne bid her gypsy friends god speed as they rode away from the Inn the next day.

In 1411, Gavlinne met Roberto di Matteo Ammannati, an Italian architect and regular patron of the Inn. Roberto traveled extensively throughout Europe as he was commissioned to architectural projects. Despite the long distances and lengthy separations, their affections grew, and in the spring of 1412 they were wed in a beautiful ceremony hosted by Mistress Gwenhwyfar, who had become like a sister to Gavlinne.

Roberto and Gavlinne longed to return to Roberto's home in Southern Italy, but Gavlinne knew little of life at court, and with Roberto's traveling, was destined to spend much of her time alone. Mistress Gwenhwyfar, eager to get out of the gruelling and often thankless job of running an Inn, suggested that they combine their wealth and purchase a Villa in Southern Italy, which they could share. Something large enough so the two families could live separately, and yet comfortable enough for them to co-habit when either Roberto or Gareth were away.

And so the pair packed up their households and set off for new adventures.

Award scrolls:

Award of Arms
Award of Arms
Order of the Burdened Tyger
Order of the Burdened Tyger
Order of the Troubador
Order of the Troubador
Baronial Bardic Championship
Baronial Bardic Champion 2005
Silver Crescent
Order of the Silver Crescent

Court Baroness

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